Euro Guard Pro Square (200 MM)

Rainwater Gutter

25 Years Life

UPVC Material

26Liters/meter Flow capacity

PRO SQUARE gutters are heavy duty gutters manufactured by Euro Guard. It’s a look alike of hysquare gutters with increased dimensions thereby increased water carrying capacity 26 litres per meter. Lesser number of outlets are required compared to normal 6 inch gutters since it has the highest water carrying capacity. Largely used for industrial applications, PRO SQUARE gutter comes in handy for large sized residential roofs as well since it is aesthetically made. Safe choice if you live in heavy rainfall area with large size roof.

Width :200 MM
Depth :140 MM
Length : 3 METERS, 5 METERS
Thickness :3 MM (4 Kg/cm2 Gauge), added rib for extra strength
Colors :Milky White, Brick Red

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