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    Euro Guard Hysquare Vajra Plastic Industry, Development Area, Angamaly South, Champannur, Ernakulam District, Kerala – 683573

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    Euro Guard gutters and fittings are made to withstand snow. Product has been tested in extreme low temperatures with snow fall.

    Yes. 320 MM or 12-inch gutter is generally used as valley gutter for industrial purposes.

    Measurement must be taken in running meters i.e., The length across the roof area where gutter must be fixed to collect water. In other words, end to end of the edge of the roof. Once gutter measurement is taken, calculate the number of outlets required by the chart given in the installation video of Euro Guard which is available in YouTube. One clamp is required for every meter of gutter. Gutter is available in 3 meter and 5-meter lengths. One center joint is required after each length of gutter. Calculate the number of corners and end caps or drops required before placing the order.

    Ideally, Gutter should be installed in the structure before roof is laid. This is because the roof should fall inside the gutter by at least 2 inches. It will be tough to install gutter after roof is installed.

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