About Us


EURO GUARD rain water gutter is manufactured by Vajra Plastic Industry which was formed in the year 2005. Company was owned by M.M Poulose and Mathew Joseph with the production facility at Angamaly. Both the partners of the company were engaged in manufacturing machinery used for the production of PVC pipe for 20 years before that and were the pioneers in tooling dye and chemical mixing machine making. Company was engaged in the production of PVC pipes in the initial years and soon established themselves as manufacturers of quality products at reasonable price, all because of the technical strength of the manufacturing team.


In the year 2009, company started manufacturing round PVC gutters from the sizes 110 MM to 250 MM and in no time became the leader of the market and largest manufacturer of PVC rainwater gutters in the country. Custom made extrusion was done for round gutters. Tool cutting technique was used for manufacturing round gutters. Hence the edges were sharp and even across the length of the gutters. Special chemical compounding was done to ensure the quality of the gutters as they was exposed to direct sunlight.


In the year 2010, round gutters were introduced in colours matching the roofs for the first time in India. The new coloured gutters introduced was UV resistant .Hence the colours did not fade even after years. This helped us to gain popularity among the market and our customers. Our products were manufactured strictly to match the colours of roofing sheets and tiles. Quality testing was done for colour and strength for each product before they move out of the factory.


Till 2012, there was no other company who manufactured coloured gutters in the country. This helped the company to widen the market and dealers were located at major towns of each district and dealers distributed the products to other interior parts. We believed our product was our advertisement and found it to be true as we did not have to do any kind of other promotion for our products. We gained vastly from the word of mouth advertisement. We led the market through quality products at rock bottom prices.


During 2013-14, company started investing in manufacturing of square UPVC rainwater gutter. All the design and production technique was developed by company itself and was awarded the patent for the same in the year 2016. We faced a lot of challenges as this kind of production was not common in India. Training the employees to operate the new machines required a lot of time and investment. We arrived at the best production technique to manufacture the square gutters after going through repeated failures during the product development stage. We developed our own machineries and tooling for square gutters.


All the machinery for EURO GUARD gutter and accessories was ready by January 2015 and company started selling the products by April 2015. Soon, it replaced the round rainwater gutter and square gutters made from G.I sheets due to its superior quality and excellent aesthetics. The product gained popularity mainly because of the water holding capacity and no instances were reported regarding overflow of water from the gutter. Also, the colour of the gutter achieved recognition mainly because of the costly premium virgin chemicals used provided added aesthetics to the roofs.


Products were sold to other parts of India from 2016 January and have now spread to all throughout India. With the increase in market share, company started two new plants in Angamaly which ran 24 hours a day. All range of accessories and fittings are now available for EURO GUARD. Company registered the highest sales growth and turnover since its inception. We also introduced profile extrusion technique for round gutters. Company is having enquiries from Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Parts of Asia and soon export will be started to these countries.